This site is written in stone



This Blog is dedicated to the photographing of graveyards and headstones to preserve the information inscribed on each marker for historical and genealogical research.  I enjoy the time I spend in each cemetery gathering digital data and pondering some of life’s most important questions while I pause at each marker that commemorates someone’s life here on earth.

It’s in the silence of the cemetery that I feel the most alive. Is it because I am surrounded by so much death and finality? Is it there that I realize the very nature of life is the coming of death?

Could be, I don’t know. But I do know that as I look back in the past through researching my own family’s history and discovering who they were, I have learned more about who I am.  As I visit the graves of  family and stranger alike, I feel a kinship with them, and a responsibility to remember and honour them.  This I do copy


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